Learn French Through Music

Sublingual is a fun, interactive and intuitive approach to learn French. Sublingual is a language learning tool to learn French basics, words and phrases. Most importantly our mission is to help inspire you to enjoy learning French.

Have you ever noticed that remembering lyrics to songs you like becomes second nature? If you are trying to learn French, you probably wish it was just this easy. Well, good news- it is! We make learning French easy.

Songs and lyrics have a sticky factor. Even if you don’t intend to, they stay in your mind and don’t want to leave. Subingual uses this as an advantage to allow French words and phrases to get inside your head by using music as a tool for memorization.

Studies show that French immersion is the best way to learn a language. This includes speaking, watching French TV, reading magazines/ newspapers in French and you guessed it- listening to French music!

Developed with UCLA professors, we developed the “Listen. Read. Listen. Learn.” Program.

You simply:

  • LISTEN to hand picked selection of French music {we know you will enjoy}
  • READ the French translations & song interpretations
  • LISTEN again and again to let the French songs
  • LEARN- pick up real French words and French phrases

What is included with Sublingual Learn French?

Sublingual is both a book and French music. You can download to your computer, or we can mail you a product.

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Whats in the French book?

  1. Learn French Basics French sentence structure, conjugations, verbs, key phrases, etc..
  2. Country Facts & Travel Guide to French-speaking countries
  3. Music Section French Lyrics, translations and song interpretations
  4. Band Bios Learn about the French artists that you are listening to
  5. Glossary look up any French words you hear

Listen to the book, in conjunction with the music and you will be learning french in no time.  Another great addition to learn french is thru watching French movies, reading the french newspaper (assuming you will already be familiar with the topics they are discussing). Grab a french dictionary and look up each word, guaranteed it will all start looking familiar and the more ways you can expose yourself to the language the better your mind will be at learning. (Listening, reading, hearing, speaking, and singing)!



Who are the Artists on Sublingual French?



Who is Sublingual For?

Sublingual is specifically designed for teens to adults to help learn French. Our customer typically fits into one or more of the following:

  • Students Studying French and needing an extra boost to their studies
  • Travelers Wanting to pick up French words phrases before you go
  • Music lovers Looking for a hand picked assortment of great French music

Who is Sublingual For?

Who is Sublingual For?

Should I use other language products?

Yes.. the more methods you learn French the better!  Learning a language is a multi-faceted project. You can not just got to classes and be fluent, nor can you only watch tv in French and be fluent. Learning a language is a 5 step process:  1st- learning the basics. Then you must exercise your brain by speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Sublingual exercises 4 of the 5 steps. First we will lay the foundation through our “French Basics” chapter. Secondly we will tune your brain to 3 of the other four steps (listening, reading, speaking– or singing).  Most importantly the songs and lyrics and will dramatically help your French language comprehension. However, to be fluent in French one must continue education through typical courses, and most importantly- speaking with others.

How was Sublingual Created?

The idea for Sublingual Music was developed by Kyla Smith alongside highly esteemed UCLA language professors. Kyla Smith-Learn French through Music

Kyla began her passion for language through backpacking around the world throughout over 35 countries- each one offering a new insight into people, music, food and culture. Traveling she claims, offers the most important education anyone could have.

She wanted to learn Spanish, so she tried the traditional courses through college. Classroom courses offer a strong understanding for the language, but textbooks were leaving her frustrated, discouraged and uninspired. She started listening to Spanish music while writing down the lyrics and looking up each word meant in a dictionary. Once she learned what the songs (and words) meant, she would listen over and over and the language instantly clicked. She began to feel connected to the language instead of just learning the language.

Sublingual was created using the same format- picking songs that are fun, easy to understand and could easily be memorized.  Kyla states, “It’s no secret that songs have a way of getting inside your head and your brain easily memorizes the lyrics. If you can utilize music not only for entertainment, but to learn from, you will be in a much better position for understanding and comprehension.”

Most importantly the songs on Sublingual are catchy, fun and likable. The artists are a mix of cool indie groups (such as Gecko Turner, Amelia, Housse de Racket) to vastly popular Grammy nominated artists (such as Carla Bruni, BEBE, Cafe Tacuba and Pink Martini) .


Kyla mentions that her main goal for Sublingual is to allow people to feel more connected to other cultures. She notes, “An essential part of human nature is relating to sounds, beats, harmony. What separates different types of music is the language. If we can get over the language barrier, listeners can feel closer to a culture and hopefully look at the world in a new light.”